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Osman Sen

I don't understand how you link things together. Fethullah Gulen has met several Christian leaders including the pope. He is accused of being a disguised Christian missioner by the Turkish fundamentalists for his meetings with the Christian leaders and his thoughts for interfaith dialogue. All I can tell is that you have a similar logic with those fundamentalists in linking irrelevant things. If you try you can easily find Gulen-influenced organizations working with Jewish and Christian organizations.

While there are hundreds of Gulen-influenced schools throughout the world, only a few of them are shut down due to various conflicts with the local politicians, etc. You can not both promote intercultural dialogue and fundamentalism at the same time. Your article is obviously biased. Do dig more and tell about everything you find before making a conclusion; do not just pick the facts that will strengthen your suggestion.

Osman Sen

Btw, the info you provide on 4 Turkish teachers being arrested in Philippines is out of date. They were arrested by mistake:

"Four Turkish men working as teachers at a private school in the southern Philippines have been detained by immigration agents on suspected terror links, but officials said the arrests appeared to be a mistake and the Turks would be released soon."

The Turkish school in Saint Petersburg, Russia was shut down but they won the trial and the school is open back.


I would like to know more about this man and how he is connected to the Harmony Science Academy schools that are in the United States. If he is involved in this kind of activity, why are his followers allowed to open schools here?


Nicole givee your contact informatoin. I had been threatened as well as others when we discovered Gulen and started to talk about him here in the US.

Read this. Many parents are really concerned!!

How is he connected? read these

notify all parents blog about it and remove your children.

Lisa Martell

Beehive Science Academy - Utah to CLOSE

Chesapeake Science Academy closed- Gulen has numerious foundations and institutes, where money is flowing in and out. Plus this is supported by our tax dollars because it is charter schools with a Turkish Flair.

Plenty of information on the internet. Check myvisas for information on how many HB-1 Visas they are bringing in uncredentialed teachers from Turkey. Harmoney from 2001 to 2009 had over 1,100 visas issued for teachers.

Lisa Martell

Lastly to the Gulenite above who throws out Gulen has met "christian leaders" and the Pope. He met the last pope over 20 years ago, they had a photo opportunity 1 time.
They didn't have any other communication. The other Christian leaders are invited to the numerous interfaith dialogues that Gulenites own throughout the USA
Gulen is a fraud, he left Turkey and lives in seclusion for a reason. (as most cults do) He owns media: the Fountain, Zaman and ERBU TV, plus he owns and operates 97 US charter Schools in the USA.

Lisa Martell

The poster above Osman Sen is on the Accord Institute's Board. this is one of the numerious foundations that funds Gulen's Charter Schools. Accord works with the schools out west
Magnolia Science Academy
Bay Area Technology
Cora Science Academy

Osman Sen go ahead and deny the schools are not connected to Gulen or say "Gulen inspired" or the best lie "some of the teachers might follow Gulen" but the gig is up --HIS TER

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