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What is the U.S. Government waiting for to deport all imams linked to terrorism? These human beasts are a far greater threat to U.S. national security than the average terrorists based abroad. Indeed, the domestic imams are the enemy working from the inside!! Wake up America and get rid of this destructive cancer!

John Lancaster

This is appalling! This is far worse than shooting oneself in the foot. This is America shooting itself in the head, blowing up its brain... On one side you have the liberal Obama administration recognizing the internal threat and working hard to clean-up the country of this type of Fifth Column filth and on the other side you have a jurist who fails to see the reality!

Let's hope this is not the end of it with domestic terrorists.


This is very distressing. Soon enough we will have these bastards formally occupying the country! BTW, thank you Lee Kaplan for exposing Shia Association of the Bay Area and its imam. Keep up the excellent work. review

Every association have its own rights and freedom i must congrats of your work. Keep going.

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I am glad he made the return safely!

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May this be an eye-opener for everyone.

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The two attorneys representing Nabi Raza Mir and his family held that Homeland Security’s concerns for the safety of US citizens should not be enforceable based on newer counter terrorism laws because he wasn’t considered a security threat before.

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Religious leaders from the SABA Mosque have been reported to have made comments disparaging of Christians and Jews at times during sermons and invitations for religious speakers who are known to be virulently anti-Semitic are the norm.

Richard H. Shulman

Do U.S. and foreign Muslims know they are fostering terrorism when they give to "charities" that promote terrorism?

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To many people, there is no doubt that the U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East has been deeply faulty and unjust, but one expects both recent immigrants and American-born and naturalized U.S. citizens to exercise their constitutional rights and oppose what they perceive as wrong through respected and legitimate democratic channels such as political publishing and lobbying instead of bitterly rejecting the country outright while paradoxically insisting on living in it and off its system.


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We are all hoping that this problem will be solve as soon as possible.

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I think not all Imam are link to terrorism. Readers must understand their opinion that do not involved all Imam for just 1 Imam who are being link in terrorism. I think Its unfair to other Imam who are innocent about this. But the decision will be right made by the Government so i guess we just have to standby. :) ...very nice topic Lee Kaplan. THanks

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If the issue is left without being dealt it, it could affect your country economically.

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